Traveling This Summer? Take Care of Yourself!


I don't know about you guys, but I intend on doing some traveling this summer. Whether it be cooped up in a car, or stuck in an airplane - I want to share some easy tips to help keep your nervous system in check so you can spend more time enjoying your vacation!


Stay mobile. Keep moving.

If you're traveling by car, the key here is to keep changing your posture. Every 20 minutes while you are in the car change your posture. Move your seat forward and back. Change the position of your seat back. If you have an adjustable lumbar, change that too. 

If you're taking a long cross country trip by car, make sure you are getting out and walking a bit every time you stop at the gas pump. Stretches, too!


Traveling by air? Don’t be in despair.

Bring a sweater, sweatshirt, or even jacket on your trip. Take and fold the shirt under your thighs or place it behind your lower back while you are sitting on the plane. Do this frequently during your trip to help relieve muscle tension. This can also keep your spine in a more neutral posture as well.

Also, I can recommend some really great travel pillows that you can find locally, or even on Amazon.


Use your pillows to your advantage.

Most hotels can prove to be uncomfortable when you are sleeping. Either the mattress is too stiff, or too soft. Or the pillows are too puffy, or too flat. Try using any extra pillows, and put 1 to 2 pillows under your knees while laying on your back. Or place 1 to 2 pillows between your knees when you're laying on your side.

Don't forget your pillow should equal the thickness of your shoulder. So, this is the ONLY time I may ever tell you to stack two pillows together to equal this thickness.

And whenever you can, take your own pillow with you!


Take a hot shower.

Maybe take a little bit of extra time while you are showering to stand under warm water with it hitting the top part of you upper back. This can temporarily relieve tension, and help relax the body.

Five extra minutes in the shower could greatly improve how you start your day!


Hydration is key!

Water intake is important, even on vacation! Don't forget to keep drinking half your body weight in ounces. However, if you are at a high altitude or somewhere extremely hot or cold, know that you will need to increase the amount of water you drink to compensate for these specific climates. 


Stay consistent with the greens.

It is easy to travel and lose track of your eating habits. Just do your best to stay conscious of what you're eating, and balance it out with some healthy greens. Just do your best to strive for balance in your eating while on vacation. You won't feel nearly as bad when you come back to reality after your vacation.


Don't forget to relax and enjoy your summer trip. Know that you deserve this time off so enjoy it.

Have fun, and know that I'll be here to adjust you when you get back! Happy Summer!