Love Yourself On This Valentine's Day


Loving yourself is the first step on any diet and health journey. If you don’t love yourself, you are physically impeding your success on your health journey. When you love your body and your heath with all it’s faults (unconditionally, like you expect from your family and partner), you will heal faster and feel better sooner.

Self-love means self-care, and is regarded as one's own well-being and happiness. starting today, during this valentine's week, I encourage you to take care of your mind, your body, and your soul. 


Try yoga, or Stretch it out!

Yoga is an amazing exercise for not only the body, but also the mind. Get ready for the day by spending a few minutes stretching or doing yoga first thing in the morning. Make time to stretch your body out before you start with all of the things you need to accomplish today. I really enjoy streaming Yoga With Adrienne on my iPad or TV and rolling out my mat first thing in the morning. You will be surprised by how much this will help back pain and your overall mood! I always feel more centered, more in alignment with my thoughts and feelings, and ready to tackle my day after doing yoga in the mornings.


Fill Your Thoughts with Love

The way we start to foster this love for ourselves is by becoming a compassionate witness to our thoughts. Do you beat yourself up? Do you tear yourself down? Do you make excuses for yourself and find ways to hinder yourself from your truest potential? When you start to really listen to your thoughts, you will undoubtedly catch yourself being mean to yourself. Would you allow that kind of talk from a stranger? From a loved one? No way. You wouldn’t stand for that kind of disrespect (I know I wouldn't!). From now on, when you catch a negative thought, think “Whoa! I caught myself in a negative thought – now I can turn it around." Do NOT beat yourself up when you catch yourself thinking negatively. Instead, change the direction of your thoughts and send them on a positive trajectory. Catch it, flip it, and release your new, powerful, kind thought into the universe.



A few months ago, my life coach taught me a really neat trick for cultivating gratitude that takes 5 minutes each morning. She encouraged me to get a journal, and every single day write down one thing you are grateful for that happened yesterday, one thing you are grateful for that happened or is going to happen today, and one thing that you are grateful for that will happen to you in the future. Expressing gratitude in a journal often leads to increased feelings of well being throughout the day. I look at gratitude as my stepping stone to appreciation. When I appreciate things, I find myself feeling far more content. And once I feel content, I can find happiness much easier in my life. Read my blog post on gratitude here.


RELAX and meditate

There's no better way to show yourself some love than to slow down and take a break. I love the Breathe app on my Apple Watch, because it reminds me throughout the day to stop and focus on my breathing. I usually set it for 2 to 5 minutes and pause to clear my mind and focus solely on my inhales and exhales. When I'm stressed and not feeling very much self-love, I always go back to my breath. It's my mini-trick to quickly get back to loving intentions.

When I'm not feeling in alignment, or feeling ungrounded, I usually listen to a guided meditation. With the Calm app, you can listen to guided meditations, or meditate on your own to relaxing tones of music or nature sounds. Sometimes I have the Calm app running in my treatment room - it really promotes a great healing environment where we can all get centered and back to setting loving intentions. Calm will play those sounds on a constant loop for you for as long as it takes to clear your mind. You can find the Calm app on the App Store and on Google Play


LASTLY, Get adjusted!

Keeping your spine healthy is important for more than just your back health; it's a way to keep your body in alignment so you are functioning at 100%. This keeps your mind fresh, your physical body healthy, and your connection to what serves you strong and in-tune. Remember to be grateful for your spine and give it some love this Valentine's Day. It supports you, it bends over backwards for you, and it moves you to where you want to go. 

If you ever feel like you need accountability for some of these self-love/self-care tasks - check out my Daily Self-Care Checklist.