Show Your Body Some Love this Holiday Season


They say "‘Tis the Season!" but what you're thinking could be "'Tis the season - for a lot of stress!"

Holiday shopping for your family with crowds of people. Spending money you feel like you don't have on gifts. Traveling to family. Trying to make sure you're eating a healthy diet through the holidays. So many stressors, not enough time in the day to handle them.

Thinking of others as the holiday’s approach might be your top priority, it’s also important to consider the importance of own physical and mental health. Think about these few ways to manage stress brought on by the holiday season.

1. Exercise. A lot of the time, the holiday season can throw us off our usual fitness schedule. How do you like to exercise? Maybe some light yoga? Or a run? Do your best to maintain your regular fitness routine that makes your body feel good.

2. Be conscious what you’re eating. While most of us love holiday food, ask yourself if what you're eating is going to make you feel good physically and mentally. Make sure to choose options high in Vitamin C to keep your immune system thriving.

3. Take a breather. There’s nothing wrong with taking a “time out” from a gathering when you need it. Excuse yourself for five minutes to meditate, or practice gratitude. Or find a place to do some light stretching. Maybe take a small walk if you're somewhere warm. 

4. Visit my chiropractic practice! I find that having a chiropractic adjustment really keeps mental and physical exhaustion at bay. When you are in alignment, your body can handle the physical and mental stressors of the day so much easier.

5. Listen to your body. Be aware of your mental state. Observe any physical sensations that seem abnormal to you. Recognize what your body might be whispering to you. It is our job to recognize the whispers so that we can take the action we need to rebalance ourselves. Please don’t ignore them, as they only get louder!

If you're struggling with staying accountable with these few things, you might benefit from my daily self-care checklist. It has really helped me stay accountable to manage my stress through the holiday season and beyond.

Remember this holiday season - that YOU are the most important person. Your physical, mental, emotional health matters. Don't be afraid to be a little selfish and give your body some love.